What do you do with a comic?

Based on some disagreements I’ve had with people lately, I’m curious what the general populace thinks. Please take my poll (and pass it on!):

Also: If you choose “other” for either one, please feel free to say what you think in the comments. Thanks!


  • I suppose this questionaire deals with more of a definitional concern–How does one define "read" versus "view" versus "look at"?

    If "reading" here is defined as "my eye balls going from left to right, top to bottom of the page, staring at the English language (or equivalent) and "viewing" or "looking at" is defined as my eyeballs going nonlinearly all over the page without an apparent fixed, pre-destined track, then I am doing both when my brain is processing a comic–(top to bottom, left to right) + (non-linear shifting of eyeballs all over the page) = brain processing of a comic

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