Comic Scramblers

Busy-ness has been in high gear here in visual language research land. I’m working on submitting several papers for publications over the next few weeks, and am over half the way through writing my dissertation proposal. Plus, my wonderful assistants are preparing our next round of experiments…

Speaking of which, one of my assistants, Suzi Grossman, has applied some of my theories to some artistic work. She’s made several “scramblers” which generate comics out of random panels. This site has two of them that are made from panels we’re using in our research.

The first generator makes completely random strips, so they should feel like a whole lot of gobbledegook. The second generator actually plays with the structure of the narrative though: while certain pieces remain constant, others with particular traits are exchanged for each other. (Press the first green button for new strips. Press the second to swap out that single panel)

She takes this one step further with this project. Here, the generator draws from several different comic strips, but organizes the panels into a coherent narrative, though it might not make sense! I’ve actually wanted to do a create project like this for some time, so it’s great she’s actually done it.

Check them out!


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