Talk this Friday

For those of you in the Boston area…I will be giving a lecture next Friday, Jan 28th at 4pm in the Tufts University Psychology Department that is open to the public. The name of the talk is “What is ‘Visual Language’?: What Comics can tell us about the mind” and it covers an overview of the foundation of my theories of the cognition underlying comics.

4pm, Jan 28th
Tufts Psychology Building
1st Floor Conference Room


  • Neil,
    distracted from work I was supposed to be doing, I started reading Badman's jan 27th post, got sidetracked in his first paragraph to his feb 20 08, followed your comment through to your assorted pieces of Jun 17 06, Jun 27 '06, aug 31 06, and I just want to say I find the entirety of your 'undefining' position very logical and reasonable. I completely forgot to go back to the first thing, which wasn't holding my attention at all.
    Eddie Campbell

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