New England Comic Arts in the Classroom Conference

Happy New Year all! I’ve recently been confirmed as a speaker at the New England Comic Arts in the Classroom Conference, a conference aimed discussing the role of comics in education. The conference is open for registration currently, and will take place on March 26 in Rhode Island. If you are interested in attending or finding out more, follow the link above!

A description of my talk:

What Comics can tell us about the Mind (and vice-versa)

Recent research on comics within the realm of cognitive psychology has hypothesized that the capacity to draw, especially in sequential images, manifests in the mind similar to language, with systematic grammatical rules and patterns. This presentation will explore what it means for sequential images to be understood like a language and how that compares to other domains of expression like verbal language, diagrams, and gestures. We will also explore what the ramifications of such a theory might be on education, development, and learning.


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