Going off the grid for a bit…

I’ve been a bit absent from blogging lately, largely due to being crazy busy with work, but next week I’m legitimately going off the grid for a martial art retreat. So, I figured I’d at least give an update about things.

First off, my manuscript about my model for the structure underlying sequential images has grown to be quite massive. I’m now up to 197 pages (single spaced, 1″ margins), and it’s still growing! The plan is to finish off this paper by Winter break, and then figure out how best to get it out and read by others.

I’ve also recently started the planning and preparation of what I hope to be my dissertation projects about sequential image comprehension. I have two fantastic assistants working under me who are helping prepare the stimuli, so hopefully a new experiment will be online soon to help get things underway.

Added to that, I’m currently preparing a few articles to submit for publication. Looks to be busy times ahead…


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