Comic-Con 2010, PhD Comics Cameo, Facebook

Today closes another wild and fun ComicCon. My talk seemed to go fairly well (thanks to those who came!), and I greatly enjoyed the discussions with people afterwards. This was the first year I got to present actually experimental brain data on comics, which I’d been looking forward to for awhile. I only wish I had more time to answer questions, so if you didn’t get an opportunity to ask what you wanted to, email it to me and I’ll discuss it on the blog!

Anyhow, I had a particularly great time this year, so thanks to everyone who I saw and interacted with!

Amusingly enough, I also make a cameo this weekend in the latest strip of PhD Comics by Jorge Cham. We met at last year’s convention, and he’s included me in his summary of the Con. I had a great time with him, made even more fun by the fact that I read his strip nearly every day already (and you should too!).

Also, I now have an official public Facebook page. I’ll be using this page as another place to find updates on papers, lectures, and notices on opportunities to participate in research. So, if you enjoy my work and or would like to follow it via updates on Facebook, please add me!


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