Comic-Con 09: Action Stars!

I am excited to say that my panel at Comic-Con next week should be a fun one. I’ll be on the Comics Theory panel in room 30AB on Thursday at 11:30. Here’s the official description:

11:30-1:00 Comics Arts Conference Session #2: Comics Theory— Dru H. Jeffries (Concordia University) argues that Zack Snyder’s film 300 mimics the form of comics by manipulating film styles, particularly slow motion. Neil Cohn (Tufts University) presents the results of psychology experiments investigating how our minds make sense of the sequence of images in comics. David B. Olsen (St. Louis University) uses examples that include Winsor McCay, Paul Pope, and Alan Moore to demonstrate how we negotiate the rhythm of comics reading. Room 30AB

More specifically, I’ll be presenting my studies on “Action Stars”, which I first posted last Fall. If you took my online experiment earlier this year where you had to fill in the blank describing various strips, you’ll now get to learn what that was all about. I’m really excited about this presentation, so come on out!


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