7 Years!

Oop, looks like I forgot to post a couple weeks ago on 5/31 that this website hit its 7th birthday! Whoohooo  — belated celebration!

Not much time to blog these days. I’m currently running an extensive experiment that has gone through numerous rounds of troubleshooting, so that’s occupying most of my time. If this design works though, I’ll be dancing around campus in amazement. I’m also finally writing up the results of a study that was run about two years ago, which is a nice relief.

Plus, I’m preparing my Comic-Con talk for this year that’s on experiments I ran based on this blog post about “Action Stars.” I’ll have more up on that as the date grows nearer.

As usual though, if there’s any question or issue that you’d like me to blog about, I’m always willing to take requests.


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