Random Creative Links

As I’m coming up on Spring Break here at Tufts, all seems well as we (hopefully) transition into Springtime (hopefully — a Californian like me can’t take much more of this cold before I go batty). Here are a bunch of random links that seem to have fallen my way:

Stricken Pot Pie has some fantastic comics made entirely from embroideries. While I can’t say much for the story yet (it’s still developing) the sheer idea of it is creative enough to warrant a link.

My friend Alexander Danner pointed me towards this interesting site, where the artist takes children’s drawings and then paints/draws them in the same proportions with much more “realistic” representation. Some of the monsters are actually quite unnerving, but again, the idea is certainly a creative one.

Finally, if you’re in the creative mood yourself, chalk up Strip Generator to the list of numerous low frills web-based comic creation sites out there.


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