I am Tufts University!

Apparently, someone over at the Tufts website thought my work was interesting enough that they decided to do a feature on me. SO… I am very flattered to report that, for this week only, I am featured on the homepage of the Tufts University website. From there you can link to an interview with me, also found directly here. The interview will be up indefinitely, but I think the homepage will only feature me for this week.

I also had the distinct pleasure this morning to sit on a panel here at Tufts with alum Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, creator and publisher of the comic The 99, which is a globally distributed series with multicultural superheroes that each embody an attribute of Muslim values (though in the book this is apparently done without religiosity). The book is being praised for its multicultural and boundary-crossing qualities along with providing a positive alternative to many media representations of Islam.

We had a very fun and interesting panel discussion, which I’ve heard may appear online sometime soon.


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