For example…

I’ve been working very hard lately on a few projects and papers that have been occupying a lot of my time and energy. One of them is a write-up of my model of visual language grammar that I’ve been developing over the past several years. This one is particularly important to me because it will frame a lot of the issues for future studies, especially for all the psychological experiments I’m now planning.

To drive home the points in this article, I’ve been trying to use a great deal of example sequences from various comic books, which shows the diverse structures involved in examples that have not just been created (or altered) by me. However, the amusing thing about this is that comics themselves feature a lot of wild and diverse topics, making my examples often dealing with wild themes.

Often linguistics papers have reasonably cut and dry example sentences. Not mine: my papers are filled with guys fighting zombies, samurai chopping each other in half, people psychically blasting each other, names being carved on the moon, and sex toys being cut off people’s hands.

Whatever might be said about my theories, my papers at least have crazy examples!


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