Blogging has been slow lately for me what with the oncoming start of school next week. I’ve mainly been devoting my time to the set-up of my latest experiment, which, after a few behavioral studies, will finally start looking at people’s brainwaves reading comic strips.

To give an idea of the scope of experiment preparation: I have to create 200 novel Peanuts strips using panels from existing strips, and then make an additional 600 that are not of the “normal” variety. So, 800 new strips for one study, which will all be rated and tested in three pre-experiment studies to make sure they will be acceptable to use. Oy!

I do, however, plan to post a few reviews in the coming weeks. First, I will finally post my review of Groensteen’s System of Comics, though I’m debating how best to parse it up (one LONG post? several shorter ones…?), and I may actually get around to finishing my post of Abel and Madden’s latest Drawing Words & Writing Pictures.

Stay tuned.

Note: Especially when things are slow around here, I’m always open to requested topics if people want to pick my brain. Feel free to send me conversation pieces!


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