Talk talk talk…

I’ve been remiss in my reminders this year, but I have a few talks coming up if anyone is around San Diego.

The first is another appearance at the Visual and Iconic Languages Conference on July 21-22, which I believe is closed to the public (more’s the pity), though my talk will be on a general overview of visual language theory. Hopefully, as with last year, they’ll put the talk online.

A few days later I’ll be over at Comic-Con, where my talk is on Friday at 12:30 in room 30AB. I’ll be presenting a talk about manga and Japanese Visual Language. Here’s the description of the panel:

12:30-2:00 COMICS ARTS CONFERENCE SESSION #7: VISUAL LANGUAGE – Neil Cohn (Tufts University) explores the visual language underlying the “manga style,” how it works and how it differs from the visual languages in comics developed in other cultures. Robert O’Nale, Jr. (Henderson State University) uses David Mack’s Kabuki to illustrate how gestalt can be an important avenue for analyzing design and meaning in comics. Alec Hosterman (Indiana University South Bend) demonstrates the dominance of hyperreality in comics art and explains how it can be utilized for further study of the art form. Room 30AB

Both of the other presentations look promising, so it should be a fun panel. Come on out, enjoy the talks, and say hi!


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