VizThink 08

I’ve spent the last several days out here in San Francisco at the VizThink Conference where I gave a talk about visual language. There have been a lot of interesting presentations, some more amenable to my thinking than others.

It’s also been a great pleasure to hang out with Scott McCloud here, who seems to be the other “comics” guy. I don’t think I’ve spend this much time with him since I kept his girls occupied by teaching them how to make paper airplanes so he could sign books about 8 years ago at ComicCon.

I’ve been struck in particular about two things about Scott. First, he really knows about the very disparate facets of the comics industry and culture. And second, he’s an unbelievably adept spatial thinker who deploys the processes very eloquently. Even in casual conversation he does a great job of organizing ideas and conversation topics into spatial configurations (usually gesturally). It’s been fun to see.

There have been a lot of interesting ideas floating around here, and one in particular that I’ve been thinking about doing some video podcasts of my theories to further balance out the papers on my site. Anybody have thoughts on that?


  • Neil,

    Some vodcasts would be great. Enjoyed the visual podcast recently too. Think your work is very interesting and has added to my comic reading enjoyment and conversations.

    BTW have you heard of academaesthetics? It’s an essay in comics form created by a student at a Canberra Uni on Australia (i’m in Melbourne) I think you may be referenced. I thought it was worth a look at anyway.

    Keep it up.


  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the comments and the feedback!

    I have heard of academaesthetics, and I think I referenced it on the blog at some point. It was a good graphic essay, and I’d love to see more like it.



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