New Year, Old Projects

Usually when I’m on break, I end up blogging quite a bit. I’m surprised I haven’t been as active online lately. I have, however, been working on several projects…

I’m very very close to having my paper about how people navigate through page layouts done, and I’m getting really excited about how the theory in it has developed. Hopefully it will make its downloadable appearance soon.

Over break I finished my review of Groensteen’s The System of Comics, which will hopefully emerge in a web-based journal sometime soon. I’m still waiting to hear back about that.

I’m also getting closer in my analysis of the Peanuts experiment data, and making my way towards the final leg of that project. I’m already looking down the barrel of my next project which will create novel strips out of panels from various Peanuts strips. That should be a lot of fun, and a whole new round of interesting.

Finally, tomorrow I’ll be recording a podcast about my visual language research to help promote the VizThink Conference I’m speaking at in a few weeks in San Francisco. Once it goes live I’ll be sure to post it/link to it.


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