Projects galore

Wow, three blog posts in three days, and I’m not even on winter break yet! Lots of stuff has been going on.

First off, my buddy Alexander alerts me to a strip over at the Comics Reporter that somehow slipped my eye when I was over there this morning. It’s a good treatment on graphic fluency and why being able to understand comics involves cognitive skills — that some just don’t have.

Anyhow… I’m extremely close to being able to start running subjects for my Peanuts comics experiment. This has taken me waaaaay longer to get up and running than I expected, so it’ll be good to finally start getting some data. In hopes of not running into this problem again, I’m already planning to set up my next experiment, which will use newly created sequences made of various panels from Peanuts strips. I’ll talk more about it once things get closer.

Additionally, there’s a good likelihood I’ll have a major new paper posted online by next week. Unfortunately, its not the paper on page layout (which is still undergoing editing… hopefully over winter break), but it is another paper I did over the summer that’s due to be published in a collection next year.

Oh, and I have to do a book review for a class I’m in, so it looks like my critique of Groensteen’s System of Comics is finally going to be finished sometime soon.


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