Video: Visual Grammar

The conference proceedings for the Visual and Iconic Languages Conference from a few weeks ago are now posted online. On the site you can download the slides from my talk, and they’ve also posted full video of the conference proceedings. I’ve embedded my talk below, and also to my site.

I highly recommend watching this video of if you are at all interested in my overall theories or in how sequences of images communicate. I describe what exactly I mean by “visual language” fairly clearly, and why it is different from “comics.”

Most of the talk though is essentially a snippet of my developing theory of visual grammar — how sequences of images communicate — including my arguments for why panel transitions don’t work and my alternative model. I don’t plan to post an essay of this work online for awhile (I’ve been tinkering with it for four years), so this is the best place to find these ideas.

My talk runs for the first 45 minutes of this video, followed by 15 minutes of questions (the second hour is someone else). If you download the slides (large pdf) to flip through at the same time, they might be clearer than on the screen. Enjoy!


  • This lecture was very interesting and stimulating to the mind. I am listening to this to understand the use of visual grammar and how it relates in childrens literature. Primarily to conect and describe how visual grammar is used in the illustrations from the book Where the Wild Things Are. Thank you for posting your video lecture.

    Lori Allakhverdiyev

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