All new look, same great taste!

Today marks five full years that has been online. That’s quite a span for me, covering four states, three bodies of water (2 oceans, 1 lake), and three universities. So, I figured it marks a good enough occasion as any to give a massive remodeling to the site (it had it coming).

I’m hoping this new and improved version should make the site all the more navigable and pretty. Beyond the spiffy new look with color codings for each major section, the changes include…

New “comics” for each major explanatory section of the pages for:
The Home Page
What is Visual Language?, and…
What are Emaki?

I’ve also removed a few of the less popular downloadable essays to give more focus to the others, while adding a downloadable pdf of the edited compilation of the The Visual Language Manifesto — my writings railing on the comic industry’s faults and how I think it can overcome them.

And, you’ll still find the same resources for research like my ever growing Reference Bibliography, with new entries being added frequently.

I’m very happy with the new look, and hope you enjoy it too. Please let me know if you face any errors, typos, problems, etc. with it. Thanks to everyone that has supported me and my work, and I hope to see you around for another five years and beyond!


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