What with my winter break coming to a close, I’ve been tending to some general housecleaning issues. I’ve recently updated my selection of “notable” blog posts as well as the ever useful Reference Bibliography. You’ll also find (or perhaps have already found?) that I’ve filled in the tags for all my blog entries, which should help people find postings they’re most interested in. Also, I’m debating pulling down some of my essays from the downloadable readings in anticipation of some upcoming publications, as well as general thoughts on the change and current status of my thinking. I’m not making any changes just yet, but if anything happens I’ll make an annoucement here first probably.

Over break, I also discovered that amazon finally has a page selling my book Early Writings on Visual Language. If you buy from the seller with the name remarkably similar to mine, you’ll essentially be going one extra middleman than buying from my site. However, if you already own the book, I encourage you to leave a review — negative, positive, or indifferent.

Finally, now that I’m back in Boston, regular updates of my current Meditations comic “Life is where Love is” is now back on schedule every Tues. and Thurs. … at least until it ends. Then I’ll see how i feel about future postings given my workload and energy this semester.

Speaking of which, it looks to be a good courseload coming up. I’m hoping to become more competant and comfortable with stats, am taking “Psychology of Language” and am my advisor’s TA for “Syntax.” Plus, I’ll finally start getting to run my brainwave experiment! I’ll also be speaking at a few conferences coming up. Definitely one in Boston, and maybe one in Connecticutt (still deciding on that). All in all, it looks to be a good semester…


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