New Article: Visual Poetry

Flatteringly ask and you shall receive: After a bit of a haitus, I finally have a new Comic Theory 101 article up Comixpedia entitled “Visual Poetry.”

Expanding on my riff on poetry from the last article I did on “Seeing Rhymes,” this one explores what a formal visual poetic structure might be like. Throughout the piece I construct a new “poetic trope” based on some theoretical principles. For those curious, I literally made up the poem and its characteristics as I wrote the piece, no planning whatsoever.

Actually, the main reason it took so long to finish was that I had to draw the examples, and drawing time is hard to come by these days. It’s an okay example, but I imagine (hope?) more people will take up the idea and run with it better than I did.

See! See! My theories can be applied to practice too!


  • Hmmm. . . I’ll have to get my sketchbook out to try out this new form.

    I’ve taken a stab at the sonnet in the past, but I’ve been having trouble taking it to the next level. I’ll have to think more about these “Initial Refiner Projections.”

    I appreciate that you’ve created a new poetic form that exists only in VL form. Maybe some poets will have to adapt it to words now much like I have been taking poems and translating them to VL.

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