I love this time of year

And now, for the 2006 edition of my annual Big Game poem:

Why so sad little stanfurd tree?
By Neil Cohn, November 2006

Oh why so sad little stanfurd tree?
Afraid you’ll lose to Berk√©ley?

With a team like yours, I can guess the shame
That you must feel as you enter Big Game.

Your talent this year must be awfully thin,
Sitting at Pac-10’s floor with a single win.

Poor stanfurd tree, you don’t think its fair,
That you’ll be pummeled by the mighty Golden Bear?

Perhaps you’ll be lucky and you’ll claim a score
But another loss to Cal will add to the previous four.

So, enjoy your one win and hope for a repeat
To avoid the embarrassment of an eleventh defeat.

But hope won’t be enough come this Saturday
Cause at game’s end, in Berkeley the Axe will stay!

Go Bears!


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