Talk at Center for Cartoon Studies Oct 26th

One of the great new things I’m discovering about living in New England is that lots of cool stuff is all close together (coming from California, nothing is close together). One of those cool things is the Center for Cartoon Studies up in Vermont. Since its so nearby, I’ve arranged to give a talk up there on October 26th. I’ll be presenting about some of my favorite major themes: the distinction between comics and visual language, the Art vs. Language divide, and my ongoing work on how sequences of images communicate.

(Note to any CCS students who might be reading this: if you have any other topics of interest you’d like me to delve into, please shoot me a note!)

I’m greatly looking forward to the trip. It will be my first time up to Vermont and the more northern part of New England. I’ve also noticed that Scott McCloud is giving a lecture/booksigning there at Dartmouth the week before (hosted by CCS ), so I’d be curious to here students’ takes on our different approaches afterwards.


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