New toy!

Despite being a vacuum of Free Time, Grad School does seem to have its perks. Take for instance the brand spankin’ new Macbook that my (three!) advisors all pitched in to help me get. The lab I’m in runs on Windows, so we’re going to turn this computer into a dual boot Mac… pretty cool if I do say so myself. Of course, this means I need to start working much harder on my ERP project…

This photo is from the built-in camera on the computer and the ever-fun program Photobooth. I’ve also tried out the video conferencing with friends and family in California. It’s very very cool, especially with more than two computers. Hooray for new toys!


  • Congrats! Did you get a ram upgrade? Better invest in the max amount, as I have a HORRIBLE time running some programs on the ram pittance they give you. (I’m currently saving up to fix this..)

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