CCS trip

Today I made my trip up to Vermont to talk with the fine folks at the Center for Cartoon Studies. It was quite fun, and gave me a nice break from grad school as well as a little exploratory New England adventure.

I presented my talk on visual language grammar and I thought that the discussion with the students was particularly good. I’d planned on having a lecture, discussion, and then Q&A, but their observations in the lecture were so good it left hardly any time after for more focused discussion.

Showing their intuitive chops, they pitched in with great questions, observations, and insights as only full time students at a “comics college” would (or as I called it, a “visual language learning school”). I was quite impressed, though not surprised given their vocation. I also got to have a delightful post-talk tour from a student named John-Michael that extended the discussion of theory til I had to hop on my bus back to Boston (thanks again for the book John!).

From all indications, they seemed to have as good a time as I did. So, for any of you reading this, thanks for the fun day!


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