Oceanside Soo Bahk Do

Recently with my not-so-copious free time I’ve managed to construct a website for my martial arts studio back home in California, Oceanside Soo Bahk Do (www.oceansidesoobahkdo.com). As I’m currenlty in Boston, I don’t have the pleasure to train back there too often, so it was nice to be able to contribute in this way at least (I currently train at Boston Classical SBD).

It’s been interesting going back and forth with my teacher, Ted Mason Sa Bom Nim, in constructing the site, since he’s really the epitome of “humble martial artist.” While he, and many others at our school, are tremendously impressive, he also leaves things out like the fact that he was instrumental in the establishment of Soo Bahk Do in Argentina.

The story as I understand it is that an Argentinian Tae Kwon Do practitioner came to America to learn martial arts and had been swindled out of money by a Tae Kwon Do school. He had read a letter that Master Mason wrote in Karate Illustrated and then tracked down our school. Master Mason took him in, trained him with next to no cost, and sent him back with plenty to share with his countrymen. He then persuaded many Tae Kwon Do schools in Argentina to convert to Soo Bahk Do, leading to a huge following there. Apparently they refer to my teacher as the “godfather” of Argentian SBD down there (he went for their anniversary several years back, only to be welcomed with banners strung across the streets. He was rather embarrassed, though I’m sure quite proud as well).

Of course, he’d never put this on the site. So, I figure that’s what students are for, to brag for you.

Anyhow, that studio has been my second home for over half my life now, so I’m glad I can provide it a home on the web.


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