Wizard World Chicago Wrap up

I’m happily unwinding after a long weekend of Wizard World Chicago. I lucked out with a booth next to Jose and Daphne from Dreamweaver Press, which was fun since we were booth neighbors in San Diego a few years back too.

Though it was a little slow, I was very glad to talk to everyone who came by, and flattered by the occasional few who actually knew of my work already. It’d been awhile since I’d had a full on booth at a convention, so I’d almost forgotten the look of “you do what?!” on people’s faces when I describe that I research the “cognitive processes behind comics.”

By far though, the most entertaining moment of the weekend came on Saturday. In the middle of talking with a guy about my work and interests, he was apparently so impressed (?) with me that mid-sentence he whipped his phone out of his pocket to call a female friend who was somewhere else on the show floor and tried to get her to come over so he could set me up on a date with her. A bright-red laughing Daphne said that’s enough for me to now introduce myself as a “sexy comic theorist.”

So, I guess I now know what’s going on my next business card. 😉

San Diego Con? Check. Chicago Con? Check. … Now on to all the loads of work I wanted to get done before (gulp) moving to Boston in three weeks and (gulp!!) school starting in four!


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