Theory informed tutorials

Well, now that I’m back online, it looks like this week is just a blogging bonanza!…

Scott links to Rivkah’s blog instruction series on Paneling, Pacing, and Layout in Comics and Manga. It’s broken up into a couple parts:

Part One
Part Two
(It looks like one more part is on the way. I’ll update as accordingly)

These essays are very praxis-oriented theory, but still very interesting. I’m always curious about the intersection between praxis and (cognitive) theory, and actually think there is a fair amount of overlap. Praxis oriented instruction talk about how best to guide the intuitions, while structural theory seeks to probe those intuitions for their underlying rules. Hopefully we’ll reach a point where a foundation of structural work is established so we can actually see where it and praxis meet up.

There’s also a discussion about the usefulness of such tutorials that I’ve found interesting for its underlying motivating content of the Art vs. Language divide – individuality and “anti-copying” versus conventionality.

As insinuated by the above statement, my take on tutorials is similar to language classes. If you are a native English speaker, English classes help you hone your intuitions to become a better writer. If you don’t speak the language already, language classes actually teach you to acquire the structure to begin with. These “visual language tutorials” are similar – they can either help improve your graphic writing, or lead towards getting graphic fluency in the first place.


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