¡Journalista! returns and school is around the corner

Huzzah, ¡Journalista! is back online! I’d almost forgotten how amazing Dirk’s breadth in blogging is. Go read and bookmark!

Lots of pre-school preparation has been going on. Yesterday I very excitedly got the keys to the office that I share with several other psychology grad students. Quite fun to get an office that’s not my desk at home. My advisor, Professor Jackendoff, and I met today to make some plans for his Intro to Ling. class that I’ll be the TA for. We also did some brainstorming for my first year project, which will involve experimentation. It looks like I’m leaning toward looking at event perception and its potential relationship to understanding sequences of images. I’ll try to blog about it as the project progresses.

Oh, and I’m going to try to post a new downloadable essay sometime in the next few weeks if I can get around to finishing my edits of it. I’d like to get it done before school is in full swing and I get bogged down by statistics homework and grading papers.


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