A new Home Sweet Home

After a loooooong drive from Chicago to Massachusetts, I am now finally settling in to my new apartment in Somerville, eagerly awaiting the start of school. My place is still littered with boxes and whatnot, but at least my computer is up and running enough to get some work done.

In the scant amount of time I’ve been here, I’ve already had my webcomics friends represent: as I got totally lost driving around this labryinth they call “roads,” Kelly Cooper kindly helped guide me to my apartment over the phone, and I spent several fun hours tonight hanging out with Alexander Danner and his wife. Alexander and I were talking about possibly organizing a monthly comics creator roundtable of somesort, which could be very fun.

My first night here I went to get some Chinese food, and here’s the fortune I got:

Not a bad reminder for someone about to start a doctorate in Cognitive Psychology.


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