Murphy’s law strikes, and ComicCon looms

Isn’t it always the case… just as I had a ton of work to do and preparation for ComicCon, my computer skizzed out and is now in the shop. Argh! Luckily, my talk was already saved to my flash drive, so that won’t be affected, nor should any of the handouts I’ll have for the Con. However, it also means that there will be no Meditations updates next week.

So, just one more reminder about San Diego:

My talk on the Visual Language Panel will be in Room 7B from 1:15-2:30. I’ll be talking about the underlying structure of how people understand sequences of images.

Every year at the CAC they sell a CD collection of the papers for people’s talks. My contribution will be just like my talk: a pdf essay about the Grammar of Visual Language. And, if you needed any more incentive to come out and here me talk, this paper will only be available on the CAC CD for the near future. I’m not planning to upload it online anytime soon, so it is a ComicCon exclusive.

Also, after my talk I’ll be doing a booksigning at (I’ve heard) the Comic Relief booth. I love Comic Relief. It was my comic bookstore of choice when I lived in Berkeley and they always do a great job of promoting things that deserve it. So, come to my talk, say hello if you see me around, and definitely come by the booksigning to buy books and chat with me. Hope to see you in San Diego!


  • Hey Ming! Welcome back to the US (?). Unfortunately, I don’t have any SF trips planned right now, though you and all my other friends keep pestering me to come out. I’m debating coming out for a convention/comic conference in March, but I’m not sure if it will be economical yet… I’ll keep you posted though!

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