More on ComicCon

So, I’ve found the official Comic-Con programming guide is now posted. Here’s the Friday description for my panel:

1:15-2:30 Comic Arts Conference Session #6: Visual Language—
Neil Cohn (Meditations: 1999-2002)  reveals the “secrets” of sequential art: the grammatical rules and visual “parts of speech” underlying comics’ use of sequence. Zon Petilla (Cal State University–Fresno) asserts that there is a universal visual grammar operating in comics that can be used to teach language. Hal Shipman (Northwestern University) examines the contrast between the vocabulary and grammar of visual language in European and American comics, represented respectively by the adventure strips Tintin and Terry and the Pirates.

Note the room number 7B. For those keeping track, that’s right across the hall from McCloud’s panel in Room 8. Quite convenient, eh? (hint hint)


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