San Diego, coming soon!!

Thanks go to Scott McCloud for kindly linking to my latest Comixpedia article on “visual rhyming.” He suggests “Eye Rhymes” as another good term, and I agree, it does sound pretty cool.

He also notes that he’ll be speaking at the San Diego ComicCon on Friday from 12-1pm. I know I’ll be there, and so should you: Scott gives great talks. And immediately after Scott’s presentation, you should walk over and see me talk at 1:15 to 2:30 on the Visual Language panel of the Comic Arts Conference!

This year’s panel should be fantastic. I can’t wait, because my talk will be the best presentation I’ve ever done. I don’t want to overhype it, but I’ve been working really hard on it and it should be great. Called “The Secret of Sequence,” I will finally be unveiling most of the my model of Visual Language Grammar, so, if you’re curious at all about “how sequential images create meaning,” then you won’t want to miss it.

The panel will also have two other talks about theory related things as well. I’ll post more about them, and the location, as the date nears.


  • “Eye rhyme” refers to words that look they should rhyme by virtue of their spelling but do not when pronounced.

    A brief delving into the ever useful Oulipo Compendium (2nd edition, Atlas Press, 2005) offers the examples of: through, though, and rough. and a limerick from Harry Mathews:

    Young Dick, always eager to eat
    Denied stealing the fish eggs, whereat
    Caning him for a liar
    His pa ate the caviar
    And left Dicky digesting the caveat.

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