Some links

Dirk sends along his interesting interactive comic blog about his adventures in Japan. He’s got a really cool idea where people can send him “assignments” about exploring Japan, and then he goes out and tries to do it, then writes a comic about it afterwards. Definitely worth checking out and maybe sending him some assignments.

I’ve also found this site that has maps of the US showing the population distribution of various religions. Noticably absent from the listing are most all Judeo-Christian religions like Hinduism or Buddhism (and, ahem, for all you Superheroes are myths people – none of those either :-P). Given that these were compiled from data garnered by a Catholic research center, I’d guess this is omission out of cultural bias not sufficient populations of those religions. I’d think there would be at least as many Hindus as Amish. Looks like other people noticed these absences too, and added the Pastafarians.


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