Too Many Twos

I’ve got a short new piece up at Comixpedia for my ongoing “Comic Theory 101” column called “Two Many Twos.” This one continues my series of short pieces where I try to illuminate issues involved with the intersection of “comic theory” and linguistics, here probing into the quandary called the “Problem of 2.”

Like the last one, I’ve just tried to pose the issue and a little demonstrative visual puzzle, hoping that people might ponder/discuss it. Really, the whole thing just grew out of the last four panels, and I thought they’d be fun to work into a full piece.

I suppose this is also the first work I’ve done with my “avatar” as a narrator. Rather than turn myself into a kind of character, I’ve instead opted to keep it casual. I’d hoped for this to downplay the “me” in favor of the emphasizing the ideas more, but unfortunately in this case the ideas are demonstrated through the “me.” Doh!


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