Meditations available now!

A couple days ago, my proof copy of my new Mediations book arrived, and it was a cathartic experience if I’ve ever had one. This has been a long journey for these works.

In 1999, my high school friend, Dan Czypinski, was a director at CalArts and had turned the oldest piece in this book into a ballet. Yes, and he used the comic as the script for the ballet. So, I had originally intended to self-publish them as a book back in 2000 to coincide with the ballet’s tour. Unfortunately, the funding I had hoped for fell through for self-publishing it, and then the ballet’s tour kept getting postponed until it didn’t happen. Oh, and I left to live in Japan for half a year right at that point.

So, the works just sat in my computer. I added to them by completing A Love Story, but right after that my “artsy period” ended, and on to theoretical things I went (and lots of fiction thatโ€™s still being written). I’ve looked into various self-publishing options, but none seemed all that viable.

Until I found Booksurge, an company that does print on demand books. It was extremely easy, and I highly recommend it. If you’re able to simplify the process to where all you have to do is submit pdf. files, it costs only about $100 (which includes an ISBN and being sold by all amazon sites). If you need more help with things, it costs more. Authors get a fairly large royalty on all booksales, buy books at a discount, and are promoted by Booksurge to larger publishers.

So, for people who want to self-publish books, and can do a bunch of the process themselves, Booksurge is a good way to go. My rep was Whitney Strachan, and you should definitely email her if you’re interested (email: her

If you’re wondering what I was like as a creator before I got deeply entrenched in the theory, these works trace most of it. While I’ll continue to put these works online (upping the updates to twice a week), as a book is really how I’ve always intended them to be presented. Its great to finally see/hold it.


  • Neil! I don’t know why I don’t read your blog more often! It’s terrible how insular LJ gets ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, just dropped by and read some entries, so expect intelligent comments soon, hopefully.

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