Starting today I’ve got a new story running on my Webcomics nation site, called “Karuna”.

This is actually a true story, about something that happened to me while I was walking around the UC Berkeley campus as a sophomore in college. It was such a bizarre experience that I felt I should draw it as a story. It also had a kind of story-arc feel to it, and the way I draw it is pretty much the way I remember it happening (minus the passers-by).

Because it transpired in a real place nearby where I lived, I thought it would be interesting to photograph the site and only draw the characters. Besides the added significance in terms of the story, I think it achieves a sort of heightened masking effect. The graininess of most of the pictures was accidental. I had borrowed a digital camera from a friend, and he had uploaded them as 72dpi for me, which meant the quality wasn’t quite as good. I think this turned out for the better in many ways though, since having it be too crisp would contrast the line art overly much I think.


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