Cupid Du Coeur

I’ve posted another segment of Permutations today. Here’s some background on the piece “Cupid Du Coeur”:

I greatly enjoyed the mixing of visual styles in this piece. Much of the computer work was done without much planning and with a large amount of trial and error to see what worked. The photo from the first page was found with some friends while looking through old papers in the recesses of my fraternity house in college. On the back was written “San Francisco 1895.” It was such a striking shot that I figured I should use it for something, and so here I did.

I had toyed with the idea for this piece for a while before writing it, inspired partly from a chapter of Michael Crichton’s Travels. Its been one of my favorite books since I first read it when I was 12. Lately I’ve been musing how I’ve been taking on a lot of interesting experiences of my own, just as Crichton mused he was following in the footsteps of Arthur Conan Doyle. Its amusing to think that we can somehow be influenced enough by our favorite books to become similar to them… Of course, it could just be that that’s why we liked them in the first place.


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