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27-28 June 2024

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New lab members!

Welcome to our new visiting PhD student Katje Varkentin who is working on visual narrative comprehension and aging!

Upcoming Events

June 9 2024. Talk at the Picture Worlds Exhibition. Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

August 9-11. Talk at Erasmuscon (Eurocon)

September 5-7 2024. Keynote talk. AmLAP Conference. Edinburgh, Scotland

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Hero Initiative

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Recent papers

Klomberg, Bien, Joost Schilperoord, and Neil CohnConstructing Domains in Visual Narratives: Structural Patterns of Incongruity ResolutionJournal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics: Advances in Neuroaesthetics. 47(3): 37-55

Cohn, Neil, Lincy van Middelaar, Tom Foulsham, and Joost Schilperoord. 2024. Anaphoric distance dependencies in visual narrative structure and processingCognitive Psychology. 149: 101639

Lindfors, Hanna, Kristina Hansson, Eric Pakulak, Neil Cohn, Annika Andersson. 2024. Semantic Processing of Verbal Narratives is Associated to Semantic Processing of Visual Narratives: An ERP Study of School-Aged Children. Frontiers in Psychology. 14

Hacımusaoğlu, Irmak and Neil Cohn. 2023. The meaning of motion lines?: A review of theoretical and empirical research on static depiction of motionCognitive Science. 47 (11):e13377

Atilla, Fred, Bien Klomberg, Bruno Cardoso, Neil Cohn. 2023. Background Check: Cross-Cultural Differences in the Spatial Context of Comic ScenesMultimodal Communication.

Books on Visual Language

The Patterns of Comics
Released December 2023!

Who Understands Comics? Book
2021 Eisner Award Nominee
The Visual Narrative Reader
The Visual Language of Comics