We the People

We the People: A Call to Take Back America

by Thom Hartmann and Neil Cohn

This 216 page non-fiction comic book shows the dangers that corporations pose to American democracy. Americans have become second-class citizens to the first-class “personhood” of transnational corporations, who, in often-devious fashion, have usurped control from We the People – a development that the Founding Fathers never intended – leaving us with our rights and freedoms hanging in the balance. 

Clear and accessible, this work describes the dangers posed to American democracy and offers concrete steps on how to take back our country – relevant for years to come.

ISBN: 978-1882109388

2004 / 216 pages

Praise for We the People…

“As a complete work seeking to communicate difficult facts and ideas in a dynamic and accessible way, We The People is a fabulous practical manifestation of sequential art’s potential.”— BANDOPPLER magazine

“Clear and compelling. Read it and act.” — David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World

“Hartmann is like America’s Civics Teacher, telling us everything we need to know about what democracy really is.” — Marianne Williamson 

“Not only does this book tell you what’s really going on, it even draws you a picture of it.” — Jim Hightower 

“There’s nothing childish or “cartoonish” about the ideas, strategies, and analysis in Thom Hartmann’s brilliant book.” — Peter Coyote, actor 

“This is an excellent tool of popular education. All Americans should know what’s in this book!” — Tom Hayden 

“Thom Hartmann’s message for everyone should be part of the Western canon. Read this book for a jolt of illumination!” — Janeane Garofalo 

We the People is the product of a brilliant and principled thinker.” — Ted Rall, author of 2024 and Gas War