Visual Thinking and Composition Fall 2021

Visual Thinking and Composition Fall 2021

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The Visual Thinking and Composition Research Skills course taught by Neil Cohn at Tilburg University aims to teach masters students in the Communication and Information Sciences program basic drawing and visual communication skills. The final project for this class is to summarize and “translate” an academic paper into a short comic. 

Below are links to these works of science communication for the 2019 VTC class. 

Links on student’s names or image will open the pdf of the comic. Links to the original paper will bring you to the scientific article. Enjoy!

The Portrayal of Men and Women in American Television Commercials 
by Abiodun Jason Abayomi

McArthur, L. Z., & Resko, B. G. (1975). The portrayal of men and women in American television commercialsThe journal of social psychology97(2), 209-220.

Mobile Mindfulness 
by Amber van Anen

Flett, J.A.M., Hayne, H., Riordan, B.C., Thompson, L.M., & Conner, T.S. (2018). Mobile Mindfulness Meditation: a Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effect of Two Popular Apps on Mental Health, Mindfulness, 10, 863-876.

Fight of the endorser 
by Zainab Azdad

Schouten, A. P., Janssen, L., & Verspaget, M. (2020). Celebrity vs. Influencer endorsements in advertising: the role of identification, credibility, and Product-Endorser fitInternational journal of advertising39(2), 258-281.

Love at first swipe? 
by Amy Balemans

Ranzini, G., & Lutz, C. (2017). Love at first swipe? Explaining Tinder self-presentation and motives. Mobile Media & Communication, 5(1), 80-101.

Embodied Metaphors and Creative “Acts”
by Michelle Beckers

Leung, A. K. Y., Kim, S., Polman, E., Ong, L. S., Qiu, L., Goncalo, J. A., & Sanchez-Burks, J. (2012). Embodied metaphors and creative “acts”. Psychological science23(5), 502-509.

Social Media and Romantic Relationship 
by Iris Beniers

The Influence of Emotional Involvement on Online Activist Behaviour
by Boaz van den Berg

Berg, van den. B. (2020). The Influence of Emotional Involvement on Online Activist Behaviour. Utrecht University Thesis Archive.

Influence of Licensed Characters on Children’s Taste and Snack Preferences 
by Rianna Blonk

Roberto, C. A., Baik, J., Harris, J. L., & Brownell, K. D. (2010). Influence of Licensed Characters on Children’s Taste and Snack PreferencesPediatrics126(1), 88–93.

Arbitrariness, Iconicity and Systematicity in Language 
by Qianyu Cheng

Dingemanse, M., Blasi, D. E., Lupyan, G., Christiansen, M. H. & Monaghan, P. (2015). Arbitrariness, iconicity and systematicity in language. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 19(10), 603–615.

The Blue Planet effect
by Julia Deelman

Dunn, M. E., Mills, M., & Veríssimo, D. (2020). Evaluating the impact of the documentary series Blue Planet II on viewers’ plastic consumption behaviorsConservation Science and Practice2(10), e280.

Using social media to cope with these extraordinary times 
by Noortje Dillen

Cauberghe, V., Van Wesenbeeck, I., De Jans, S., Hudders, L., & Ponnet, K. (2021). How adolescents use social media to cope with feelings of loneliness and anxiety during COVID-19 lockdownCyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking24(4), 250-257.

The Gap and Motivated Reasoning 
by Hannah Düser

Bayes, R., & Druckman, J. N. (2021). Motivated reasoning and climate changeCurrent Opinion in Behavioral Sciences42, 27-35.

Why festival brands should use social media 
by Kirsten Egging

Hudson, S., Roth, M. S., Madden, T. J., & Hudson, R. (2015). The effects of social media on emotions, brand relationship quality, and word of mouth: An empirical study of music festival attendees. Tourism management47, 68-76.

Instagram vs. Reality
by Agata Engwert

Tiggemann, M., & Anderberg, I. (2020). Social media is not real: The effect of ‘Instagram vs reality’images on women’s social comparison and body imageNew Media & Society22(12), 2183-2199.

Parachutes, are they scientifically sound?
by Oscar Faber

A graphic translation of: Psychedelic Microdosing
by Julia Geirnaerdt

Lea, T., Amada, N., & Jungaberle, H. (2020). Psychedelic microdosing: a subreddit analysis. Journal of psychoactive drugs52(2), 101-112.

Riverdale’s representation research 
by Marleen Gerritsen

Gerritsen, M. (2021). “You act like we’ve got the same set of options”: Queer representation in current teen shows and their role on heteronormativity among generations. (Master’s thesis). Radboud University, Nijmegen

Microdosing Psychedelics
by Ellen Hoekstra

Lea, T., Amada, N., Jungaberle, H., Schecke, H., & Klein, M. (2020). Microdosing psychedelics: motivations, subjective effects and harm reductionInternational Journal of Drug Policy75, 102600.

Gebruik en behoeftevervulling van Discord 
by Nigel Korthout

Korthout, N. 2021. Gebruik en behoeftevervulling van Discord. Bachelors thesis. Tilburg University.

Picture Perfect
by Jessie Maassen

Kleemans, M., Daalmans, S., Carbaat, I., & Anschütz, D. (2018). Picture perfect: The direct effect of manipulated Instagram photos on body image in adolescent girlsMedia Psychology21(1), 93-110.

A closer look at the digital nomad lifestyle 
by Ellen Martens

Thompson, B. Y. (2019). The digital nomad lifestyle:(remote) work/leisure balance, privilege, and constructed communityInternational Journal of the Sociology of Leisure2(1), 27-42.

Negative consequences from heavy social networking in adolescents
by Imre Meier

Feld, L. D., & Shusterman, A. (2015). Into the pressure cooker: Student stress in college preparatory high schoolsJournal of Adolescence41, 31-42.

The identification process of Emily with an influencer and a traditional celebrity
by Jady Meijer

Schouten, A. P., Janssen, L., & Verspaget, M. (2020). Celebrity vs. Influencer endorsements in advertising: the role of identification, credibility, and Product-Endorser fitInternational journal of advertising39(2), 258-281.

The importance of user-generated photos in restaurant selection
by Brinalda Mercelina

Oliveira, B., & Casais, B. (2018). The importance of user-generated photos in restaurant selectionJournal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology.

Monkeys reject unequal pay
by Anne-Line Munsterman

Brosnan, S. F., & De Waal, F. B. (2003). Monkeys reject unequal pay. Nature425(6955), 297-299.

Do you recognize its brand?
by Xiao Xia Nguyen

Li, H., & Lo, H. Y. (2015). Do you recognize its brand? The effectiveness of online in-stream video advertisementsJournal of advertising44(3), 208-218.

Is social media really a threat to youths’ literacy?
by Knar Ohanjanyan

Verheijen, L., & Spooren, W. (2021). The impact of WhatsApp on Dutch youths’ school writing and spellingJournal of Writing Research13(1), 155-191.

The Potential of Interactive Digital Narratives
by Juul Riethorst

van Enschot, R., Boogaard, I., Koenitz, H., & Roth, C. (2019, November). The potential of interactive digital narratives. agency and multiple perspectives in last hijack interactive. In International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (pp. 158-169). Springer, Cham.

Obsession with Perfection
by Cheryl Roser

Vashi, N. A. (2016). Obsession with perfection: Body dysmorphiaClinics in dermatology34(6), 788-791.

Grand Challenges for Augmented Reality
by Philippe Slot

Billinghurst, M. (2021). Grand Challenges for Augmented RealityFrontiers in Virtual Reality2, 12.

The influence of color of light…
by Yasmilla Stolvoort

Özkul, E., Bilgili, B., & Koç, E. (2020). The Influence of the color of light on the customers’ perception of service quality and satisfaction in the restaurantColor Research & Application45(6), 1217-1240.

The effect of playing advergames that promote energy-dense snacks or fruit on actual food intake among children
by Barbara Streppel

Folkvord, F., Anschütz, D. J., Buijzen, M., & Valkenburg, P. M. (2013). The effect of playing advergames that promote energy-dense snacks or fruit on actual food intake among childrenThe American journal of clinical nutrition97(2), 239-245.

Realising the Benefits of Sports and Physical Activity: The Human Capital Model
by Trix Tempels

Bailey, R., Cope, E., & Parnell, D. (2015). Realising the benefits of sports and physical activity: the human capital model. Retos: Nuevas Perspectivas de Educación Física, Deporte y Recreación, (28), 147-154.

the Inefficiency of Splitting the Bill
by Martina Verni

Gneezy, U., Haruvy, E., & Yafe, H. (2004). The inefficiency of splitting the billThe Economic Journal114(495), 265-280.

Beowulf: Broken Down
by Janessa Vleghert

Porck, T., & Stolk, S. (2017). Marking Boundaries in Beowulf: Æschere’s Head, Grendel’s Arm and the Dragon’s Corpse. Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik77(3-4), 521-540.

Why Children Need Fairy Tales
by Celine Wetzer

Bettelheim’s, B. (2013). Children need fairy talesTelevizion26, 17-18.