Hi, I\'m Neil Cohn… Welcome to my Visual Language Lab! This is the online home for my research on drawing and visual language. For the past several years, I have been developing a theory that drawing—especially sequential images—is structured like language.
Just like words in sentences are used in spoken languages, sequences of images can create visual languages.
All languages obey similar principles of cognition, be they spoken, signed, or visual. Thus, to study visual language, we can draw upon the same methods used to study language from linguistics, cognitive psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.
Building theories, experimentation on cognition and the brain, analysis of visual languages of the world
These lines of research can hopefully offer insights into how people understand drawings and sequential images, how they can be used in education...
…what roles they play in our culture(s)... and how the mind/brain processes information across domains. Please enjoy the site! ~Neil Cohn